23 March, 2007

10 Facts about Shakespeare

10 facts about William Shakespeare.

1. William Shakespeare was born and died on the same date (different years, of course)- April 23.

2. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets.

3. If you will search on Google exactly “William Shakespeare” - you'll come up with over 2 million pages.

4. Many well-known authors don’t believe that Shakespeare wrote his plays.

5. Fact about Shakespeare’s family: Williams parents: John and Mary Arden Shakespeare and they were all illiterate.Before William was born, two sisters died, Joan and Margaret. William married Anne Hathaway when he was 18.

6. W.Shakespeare was buried in the chancel of the church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford.

7. W.Shakespeare made over 600 references to birds in all of his works.

8. William was left handed.

9. Shakespeare never published any of his plays.

10. William was very likely a Roman Catholic, although not openly.

Credit to 10facts.com, although I did edit the list a bit for those infamous internet inaccuracies and grammatical errors. My grammar-o-phile mother has trained me well.


Therese said...

I think number four is absurd, personally.

Mum said...

Your mother may have trained you well in grammar, but she missed the boat as far as spelling.

Therese said...

Oops. But it wasn't a consistent error, because I spelled it right two words ahead of that. :D

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Anonymous said...

Those are some great facts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is good i used it for my homework

Anonymous said...

Needed this for my project thank you :)