09 April, 2007

Easter Hope

We went to two Masses yesterday morning. No, we weren't feeling hyper-pious... It was like this: my brothers, being good altar servers and therefore of a rare variety, were in great demand. Because of a scheduling mix-up they ended up on both the general schedule for Easter morning Mass at Notre Dame, and they ended up on Fr. Paul's "special request for good servers" schedule at St. Theresa's. Therefore, they had to serve two Masses, one after the other. My Dad, in the meantime, had to read at the same ND Mass the boys served at. Then he had to stay for the later ND Mass to sing Gregorian Chant. So.....

The last paragraph is very confusing, so if you've made it this far, my compliments to your tenacity. On to the actual subject of my post.

Fr. Chris said both Masses at Notre Dame. He's an older priest; Italian, humble as pie (presuming that the saying about humble pie has any truth, which I think it does not, since I like pie and am hardly humble), owner of a brilliant sense of humor, and quite othodox in his devotion to our Blessed Mother. He spoke that morning about the virtue of hope and it's relation to the Resurrection. I've heard similar things before, but he put it so eloquently that hope took on a rather new importance for me.

The Passion, he said, was like the birth of a child, painful but joyful at the same instant, especially for the Blessed Mother, who had to watch her Son die, and yet had a better understanding than any other human what joy would result from His sacrifice. And at the end of the Passion, as her Son lay in her arms, she would probably have been filled with hope. What would this death, the voluntary sacrifice of the One Who was Life itself, mean for humanity? And the result, after three days of waiting was revealed in the Resurrection. Death was defeated, and hope restored to the world.

Not to sound like a corny serial story, but............................


(I have schoolwork to do.)

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