19 September, 2007


My article was published!!!

Not that it's a huge achievement or anything, but it feels pretty darn good to have something in print. Since the article was written in 15 minutes, it's not my best work. Nonetheless, it's serviceable. The printed edition includes a slight grammatical error which I'm pretty sure I didn't make - an "s" is left off the end of a word - but it's not overly noticeable.

Now I've been given an assignment to write an article on the University Library. This assignment is only too perfect, because - well - I happen to work there. Hehehehe. Not to mention the fact that if I work at one, I tend to research its history and methods of running obsessively.


Mary Anne said...

Good job! Hope we get to read it soon.

Therese said...

You can... it's not great though. I mean, a 15 minute article. Kind of thrown together. I had to write another in a half an hour this afternoon, because the library tour which I was supposed to report on took place only an hour before the deadline.

mary anne said...