22 January, 2009


Well, the famous UD Rome semester has begun for me and half my fellow sophomores. We arrived on the lovely campus early yesterday morning and spent the day in a jet-lag induced fog, struggling through orientation events whenever we were not turning to each other in fits of excitement worth about ten energy drinks each and exclaiming that we were actually in Rome.

The campus here is gorgeous, though tiny. It consists of three buildings: a large dormitory with six-person suites; a building which houses two classrooms, the Capp Bar, the library, and the cafeteria; and a villa where the professors and their families live, the professors' offices are located, and where one can find the chapel. A vineyard fills most of the property on the side of campus without buildings, but there is a courtyard of sorts between the buildings and then a soccer field and lots of. . .grass.

Part of the courtyard as seen from our window

An example of how close other houses are to the Rome campus. . .and an example of how crowded Rome is in general, considering that our campus is considered rather secluded.

More window view: this is the professors' villa

Part of the view from our window


Edmund said...

Your pictures are sweet. I like the palm trees. How was your mass? How is the food? Better than Mama's? Because Mom's food is better.

Therese said...

Yes, aren't the palm trees cool? I've gone to Mass at St. Peter's, on campus, and St. John Lateran's so far. The food is very good and it's a ton better than at Dallas. But Mama's is the best in the world.