20 April, 2009


Sorry once again that things have sort of ground to a halt out here in cyberspace. We've had several major trips: in particular our ten day long spring break and an even more recent excursion to Venice, Florence and Assisi, so I'm both recouping from those and cooperating with my professors' need to catch up on all the work we haven't done so far. To boot, I'm sick. Not much, but there's an important history paper due in two days and to my chagrin I've only written three well-edited paragraphs of the thing.

Anyway, more later on all the brilliant things that happened, and on a few of the not so brilliant misadventures of spring break. For now, I return immediately to study in hopes that it will finally be effective despite a general fogginess currently pervading my brain. (This last sentence could possibly be offensive to Gilbert Ryle, the under-publicized but incredibly perceptive 20th century philosophy whose work we're now studying in philosophy.)

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