06 December, 2009

Guillaume Couture

Sometimes when I ought to be writing papers, I take enough of a break to read about random unrelated things on the internet. What an original form of entertainment. I stun myself on occasion with the brilliance of it.

Anyway, that's just to preface my observation that it's rather fun to read about one's family online. Especially prestigious ancestors. And moreover, most people in the US seem to have a scandalously scant knowledge of anything pertaining to French Canadian history. I mean, they might have a vague idea that there were "French and Indian Wars," but beyond that they are ignorant. Which is a pity, considering that certain parts of the country have been influenced by this colonial culture nearly as much as by the British one.

In chief, I mean this to prod anyone who is similarly ignorant to take a look at this Wikipedia article about my ancestor, Guillaume Couture, a prominent and fairly archetypal French Canadian settler of the early 1600s. For those of my relatives who are interested and read French, I might mention that the French Canadian version of the article is rather more complete.

In case it's not blatantly obvious, I might characterize this post as shameless promotion of an uncommon historical subject and/or desire to procrastinate, yet to feel productive by posting something.

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