24 March, 2010

New Links

So, as you can probably tell, this past couple of days has been my "lets go do a ton of stuff to the blog that I've pretty much neglected for two weeks" week.

Aside from thinking obsessively about Romanticism, Moby Dick, Henry Adams, and Existentialism (oh you wonderful 19th century!) for the past semester, I've also been discovering and adding links for some excellent blogs.

Among the links on the sides, you'll find "Túrin Speaks", a blog by a fellow UD student who's quite widely read and is studying English as well (the blog also includes a fair amount of math posts for those readers who like numbers). "The Daily Kraken" is one I only just found, but seems to have some excellent things to say on religion, politics, and art; it also includes movie reviews. "Geopolitical" is less a blog than a series of well-polished articles by J.R. Nyquist: I've been reading these obsessively of late, so well does their content mesh with my current interests; they are both well-written and highly informed.

Do check them out if you have any interest in those sorts of things!


Anonymous said...

Not to be a bother, but there's an accent over the second letter of "Túrin". Without it, "Turin" is a city in Italy, not the tragic hero from the Silmarillion. So, yeah. I'm glad to see more posts here recently.

Therese said...

Ah, yes, I'm just terribly lazy about putting in accent marks if I don't have my own lovely international keyboard available. :)

Finally getting around to this after a fair amount of time spent doing nothing with the blog at all.