20 February, 2011


How pretentious to call it that. But still, today marks the four-year anniversary of starting this blog. I was rather young at the beginning, as you can clearly tell from looking at the abysmal style of the 2007-era posts (not that I bother much with good writing on here even now). Now I'm older. And the blog has somewhere around 185,000 hits, which is very modest for a website, but not bad compared to my expectations. About 46,250 hits a year averaged out, with a huge difference in practice between traffic in 2007 and traffic in 2010. As I said, not much at all, but more than the maybe 365 per year I was expecting to get from my familia.

Not much else to say beyond "yay" and "I never expected to keep this up even with the sporadic attention I have given it for anywhere near this long".

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